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Charity Funk Life Coaching
Industry: Life Coaching; Mentorship; Health & Well-being
Charity Funk Life Coaching is The HCC Group’s very first Western Canadian client. Charity Funk is a certified brain health & life coach, entrepreneur & lover of people and life. Charity has developed programs geared towards coaching women (and ok, some men) through the difficulties of life and the challenges of living with lack of energy and focus, depression, anxiety, OCD, ADD/HD, brain fog, and emotion regulation. Visit Charity’s website to know more about how she can help!
Manitoba Construction Sector Council
Industry: Sector Council, Construction

The Manitoba Construction Sector Council’s sole purpose is To strengthen Manitoba’s construction sector workforce by promoting the construction industry as a career of choice and through high value training programs to address current and future skills and training gaps.

JA Manitoba
Industry: Education, Mentorship, Business, and Entrepreneurship

JA Manitoba is a charitable organization that offers six business education programs to elementary, middle and high school students. More than 150 schools throughout Manitoba participate in JA every year. Delivered by local volunteers, its program enable young people to develop essential life skills through exposure to interactive activities and innovative business solutions.

Western Drone Show
Industry: Education, Technology

The Western Drone Show provides a professional opportunity for teachers, government personnel, and industry experts to collaborate, and learn about the latest developments in drone technology.

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